Wing Chun teaches more than just an effective fighting method. It teaches you to become a better person through physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Wing Chun gives you confidence in your own ability to protect yourself against physical attack. When fear is removed, the arrogance of uncertainty is dispelled, and it is no longer necessary to prove yourself in any form of physical combat. By learning how to fight, you learn how to not fight.

The philosophy of Wing Chun is embodied in the Wing Chun pledge which states,

"I believe constant practicing of the art of Wing Chun will enable me to transcend to a higher mental and physical level. I shall show respect for the art, my Sifu (teacher), Sihing (seniors) and Sidhi (juniors). I shall exercise my utmost tolerance and consideration in dealing with people and general matters in and outside the academy."

In other words, the physical and mental training in Wing Chun, makes you stronger physically, spiritually and mentally. The lessons learned from studying the art become applicable to all phases of life. You learn respect for yourself and for other people and at the same time, learn how to handle stressful situations better because through your training, you will have learned how to better control your body and your emotions.

Principles of Wing Chun

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